Preassembly allows us to shift our mentality from traditional construction to a manufacturing mindset, using Lean principles. Outside the technology lab where project engineers work on sophisticated plans, work on the main floor is all done at ergonomic heights. The framing table is set up with jigs that move along as work is complete. The location of the work has inherent safety benefits: normally this work would be done on ladders or lifts, with all piping and ductwork lifted above workers’ heads. With prefabrication, this work is done at ground level. The work environment is safer, and production is faster.

Anyone can stop the line, at any time. Quality inspections are done in the shop, at ground level. All assemblies are barcoded and scanned, from start to installation. Material is pulled when needed and sophisticated BIM processes ensure that materials are ordered to length to avoid cutting in the shop. An Andon system allows the team to avoid hidden defects by addressing problems on the line immediately.


savings in labor and schedule reported by trade partners


savings on materials


decrease in lost time accidents over industry average


decrease in OSHA recordable accidents over industry average