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Reimagining the way buildings are designed, built, and delivered.
Kapture offers a new way of building: a simplified, innovative, and streamlined design and production process with greater precision in a more productive and safer environment. Kapture changes the way major building companies approach and execute their large-scale commercial projects.
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percent increase in productivity (a typical drywaller hangs 30 sheets per day; top day in the shop: 101 sheets hung by a single drywaller)
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Design + Technology

The way buildings are designed and constructed today is dramatically different from just a few years ago, and our talented corps of engineers are changing the game.



Behind the doors of a space in a modest industrial park lies a sophisticated, well-oiled machine that is clean, organized, safe, and cool.



In the true spirit of Lean, prefabricated building components are shipped to the job site for an installation process that requires less manpower, less time and minimizes waste.

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Prefabrication inherently minimizes risk on job sites. All work is done at ergonomic height. MPE racks are built on the ground, not on lifts/ladders. The use of lifts and ladders is reduced by as much as 70% on the job. Interior walls are built on horizontal tables, not on lifts or scaffolding. With exterior walls, we can reduce (by 50% or more) and in some case eliminate the use of scaffolding. Less time on scaffolds equates to less risk to workers and those around it.


It takes more worker hours today to do the same job as it did 50 years ago. This results in a double whammy: higher cost and the need for more workers in a shrinking labor pool. Multi-trade preassembly removes the chaotic nature of the job site and puts work in a controlled environment with a manufacturing mindset. Using Kapture, projects are realizing a 15 to 30% increase in productivity. Simply put, there are fewer obstacles on the job site and less time looking for materials/tools. This results in more time on important value-added work.


Time equals money. Through multi-trade preassembly, project schedules are shortened. Schedule benefits come through two fronts: increased productivity and changing the building cycle. Off-site prefabrication allows for a change in the sequencing logic. There is no need to wait for the structure to be built in order to frame an interior wall, start the MPE overhead work or even apply finishes to exterior walls. This work can be done in the shop while the structure is going vertical.


The construction industry faces a chronic shortage of skilled tradesman. Reports have shown that Arizona alone lost roughly 200,000 skilled construction tradesmen during the recession. Industry estimates project for every five retiring tradesmen, only one is entering the industry. Prefabrication is one solution to help minimize the impact of the manpower shortage the construction industry faces today. Building components on a production line requires much less labor.


The level of detail on the preassembly component drawings is much higher than traditional drawings. Every outlet, stud and pipe is fully detailed to ensure installation is correct and there is uniformity. “Blind” welds/solder joints that occur in the field are eliminated. Work that is normally done above-ceiling or deep in wall cavities is now done in the open, which means less chance for errors. Water systems are double-tested with prefabrication — all piping is pressure-tested prior to leaving the factory. It is then tested again on-site when individual components are connected.

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